Tuesday, August 13, 2013


(for Roy)

I knew the shoes were old at
the start. But I was still
happy to find them

on the "Free Table" in the
basement of my expensive
high rise

apartment building. I loved
the classic black and white

of the fabric. But failed
to pay much attention to
the much abused soles.

And proudly wore them in
public (after two baptisms
in the costly washer).

But God was not impressed. One
day (while carrying a heavy
load of food and water)

my left sole came completely
undone - and I still had
one more mile to go.

I began to walk with a
conspicuous limp. People
stopped and stared

as if I'd finally revealed
my true damaged soul. But
I held my head high

until I'd made it back home.
Then you arrived with a
pair of much

better shoes: And saved my
feet and soul
quicker than

any prayers I'd prayed to
Jesus and his
diminishing saints.

And I found God in my doubt.

Poem © 2013 by Dylan Mitchell


  1. I have learned the hard way that god only exists in doubt and our imagination. We all would love to truly have a stronger "big brother" watching over us.

    1. Dana, I pretty much feel the same way. Organized religion only made me feel worse and even more alone than I was at the start.

      Random acts of kindness have helped me to believe that that there is "something" watching over us.

      Roy (my best friend) is an atheist. He's always been there for me, while most Christians have made it known I am not welcome in their sacred churches.


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