Monday, November 14, 2016


All my love and respect,



  1. Love you too, and I'm no where as furry as a cat. I sadly was awake until 4am worrying. I'm one of those professional catastrophic thinkers and sleep does not come easily.

  2. Same here! I often don't go to bed until the sun is rising! Worry, worry, worry. But I have faith that your health will soon improve, and you will be able to sleep a long peaceful sleep without ANY pain or worries. *hugs*

    1. THAT would be so closes to a miracle that I'd be tempted to drop my atheism and start bowing to Mecca. Seriously, I don't feel "safe" enough to sleep until the sun comes up. But that leaves Joe and Beau wandering the house without purspose and lonely. If I lived alone, and may that never happen, I'd let my circadian rhythm have full control and just sleep on my own schedule without stressing about it.

    2. I've lived alone so long that I don't think I could ever get used to sharing my space with another person. I almost lose my mind each time I make a trip to the store: most people seem very odd to me.

  3. Oh, and just wanted people to know that Mr. Roy DID thank me for the birthday post. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, and he always gets mighty depressed on his birthday - so he lacked the energy to leave a comment on my blog...


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