Saturday, November 12, 2016


Listen to the powerful words. Pay attention to the honest images. Certainly puts Trump and Hillary to shame big time. When will we ever learn?


  1. I can't eat. I can't sleep. This has been the WORST election I have experienced in my entire life (and I'm not even a senior).

    Hillary and Trump give me the sort of nightmares you only experience in hell or worse.

    Something's got to give. If we are to continue being such a divided country, then let us divide. Calling America the United States of America has become a huge joke.

    And it did not just start with Trump and Hillary. In, truth, I first noticed this ungodly reality while Reagan was in office. And I have him and his heartless administration to thank for the death of my lover.

    How long did it take him to allow any funding for AIDS research? Too long. And only when it began to affect the straight community. Yet he claimed to be a Christian. Right.

    Yes, I dream of the day when we can have somebody like Patti Smith as our leader and supporter of the U.S. (a woman with morals, ethics, compassion, intelligence, creativity, and much passion to make America great for all.) All is the key word.

    Qualities Hillary and Trump don't have an ounce of. So it looks like it's going to be another bumpy ride (except for those with more money than they will ever be able to spend in ten lifetimes).

    Most people keep saying they no longer have any faith in politicians? Then maybe it's time to consider our best artists and musicians to help us find a little light during such a very dark time.

  2. I feel every word you're saying, Dylan. Even as someone who should be "old enough to know better," I still hold on to the belief I was raised with, that people matter more than money. Until and unless that belief can become part of mainstream society (and how CAN it, in a Capitalist system?), I see little hope for lasting change.

    For now, I am going to surround myself with good people, even as I feel like hiding under the blankets all alone. It's hard to be optimistic at this point, but I'm not ready to concede to the dark forces....

    1. I just don't get how anyone took Trump seriously? He hates women (unless they're 21 or younger), gays and lesbians, poor folks (if you think you're seeing a lot of homeless people now, just wait until he moves into the White House), all people of color (except for white people), and has no humility at all.

      The man seems to think he is God. And some of society's most vulnerable people will pay the ultimate price for such a false prophet being elected as our president.

  3. Everything the president does has to be voted, approved, and passed by the senate. The guy at the top, like Harry Truman said: "The buck stops here". Trump will have his advisors, detractors, and handlers, so there really is no more fear because he's in office than when Kennedy was. (Remember the Bay of Pigs?) If you're too young, google it and get your pants scared off.

    As for AIDS, the godfather of them all said that AIDS can be stopped by abstinence, but condoms will send you to hell. And for all the idiots who follow his word, the POPE could do a lot to stop the spread. So horrors come from many directions. *hugs*

    1. Dana, the house and senate will also be mostly Republican. So vulnerable people won't stand a chance.

      I never liked or respected ANY Pope. Mother Teresa was more to my liking, and she had her hands tied because of the Catholic church.

      At least she actually helped the poorest of the poor, while the Pope only talked about it.

      Most Catholics are opposed to abortion and condoms. I don't agree w/this, but at least Mother Teresa didn't treat people with AIDS like lepers.

      I hope your health troubles will soon be over - and you can live life fully as you so much deserve. We may not agree on certain issues, but I will always respect and admire you for being such a strong and honest person. *big hugs*

  4. Just when you think politics can't get any worse, it inevitably does. Mickey Mouse would be a better leader.
    As for Popes - they are as corrupt as presidents, and perhaps even more so.

    My mother and I met Reagan long before he was president and had a lengthy talk with him. He came across as extremely sincere, compassionate and caring - -
    but I truly sympathize with your point of view.

  5. That's what's so weird about Reagan: He DID seem charming and intelligent (before he set foot in Washington). Maybe it really is like Dana has stated: Corruption is the result of many people - not just one.

    Perhaps the world would have been better off if he'd remained in Hollywood?

    P.S. I still say Morris the Cat would have been a better leader :-)


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