Monday, February 6, 2017


Hey people, I promised to showcase this very talented musical combo a few months ago (Christopher Pellnat and Mercy Weiss) before my computer crashed back in early August, so here you GO!  Sorry it took so long. For more info please feel free to do a quick Google search: They are 1001 times worth it. And I am very picky when it comes to great music and an important message about how we live - and what we need to do to create equality for ALL Americans. After all, we are all human. Let's not let the American government decide what is best for us. NEVER. This really means what is best for politicians - not the American people. Enjoy!


P.S. Can't do all the stuff on my computer I was able to do before the crash. But something is better than nothing. Chris, can you provide the link to Mercy's awesome DIY music video in a comment? Let's get the music and word out there big time!

Music video copyright 2017 by Christopher Pellnat and Mercy Weiss 


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  2. Something for any critics of this video to consider. The Washington state federal judge issuing the stay of immigration order is a highly regarded G.W. Bush man unanimously confirmed by Senate. Seattle Times also reports former Washington Republican Party Chairman and King County prosecuting attorney have joined the American Civil Liberties Union!

  3. I like this video because it's playful and not vicious. I also wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my latest YouTube video.

    Glad to see that you're posting again. I always get concerned when you disappear.... take care.

    1. I thank you much, Jon. Vicious is not my style, so I tend to be selective about what sort of songs I post on my wretched blog.

      I really did like your latest YouTube video: So much talent at such a young age!

      I'm never certain if I am posting again, but if something truly moves me, then I am quick to dash off a new post: That's why I am so out of practice!

      I'm back at the library, haunting the stacks. I've always been a big book lover, so it's nice to get back to my roots.

      Thank you for your very kind comment. I always am happy to hear from you.

      Hope you are well :-)

  4. Here is the link to the "Evil baby" video!

  5. Chris, thanks for the link! The Trump list just goes on and on: Building a wall (give me a break) to keep illegal immigrants from entering the USA (how can they become legal unless they arrive here first?).

    The recent decline in public education by placing an elite private education person in his cabinet, and the constant threat of millions of people receiving Social Security, medicare, medicaid- having their funds taken away from them by a heartless president and his twice as heartless cabinet.

    I won't even go on about the whole abortion issue and GLBT rights. This man is a billionaire, and he could not care less about the common people. He is a heartless bastard without a soul. Where did America go?


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