Thursday, April 24, 2014


Two of my poems are included in this awesome 15 year anthology of street poetry and art. Given that I rarely submit my work for publication anymore (finally decided that the Emily Dickinson approach to writing poetry is the most honest way to go), I was both astonished and happy to find my poetry in a book (I frequently take a long peek at the new poetry available at Central library - that's where the best poems can be had for free, etc.). So when I chanced upon this book in the poetry section, my heart skipped a beat or three. I AM NOT A POET is on my desk as I write these words.

What a joy to read (again) the poetry of Sherry Asbury, Israel Bayer, Kevin Hull, Jay Thiemeyer, and C.A. Mesch! How well I remember the timeless hours spent at that long (Last Supper) table. And there really was something holy about confessing all our so-called sins in a poem. Because we knew (deep down) that we were good people at heart - even when society did its best to make us feel invisible and unwanted. Street Roots became our church.

I've been reading (and admiring) this book for the last two weeks. Alas, I'll have to return it to the library at the end of the month. If you are a lover of poetry (and art), I suggest you give this book a very long peek. You will discover that beauty can be found in places you've never visited or known. So don't be a stranger. I have seen the most beautiful stars from the gutter. We are all connected.

Street Roots, 2014

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P.S. A copy of this book (at Central library) has already went missing. That really does say a lot (in more ways than one).

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